Kwataniza Women Farmers Group (KWG), Global Rights Alert (GRA), and Hoima District Local Government (HDLG) organized a sensitization meeting for Women that are affected by oil and gas activities

Picture of Participants during sensitization meetings

On 25th March 2021, Kwataniza Women Farmers Group (KWG), Global Rights Alert (GRA) together with Hoima District Local Government (HDLG) organized a one-day sensitization meeting for selected Women that are affected by oil and gas activities. The event took placed at Buseruka Primary school’s main Hall. This meeting attracted 40 women who came from different villages of Kitegwa, Kabaale trading center, Kyakaboga, and Nyakabingo villages in Kabaale and Buseruka sub-counties of Hoima District. The selected Women are those who have been affected by the earmarked pipeline. This sensitization meeting aimed at raising awareness and increasing the capacity of women to demand, protect and fight for their rights especially the user rights, access, and control over land. This was also aimed at increasing the capacity of women to raise their voices when it comes to acquiring and sharing compensation money when family land is being taken away by the government for any infrastructural development and to not only allow men to benefit. Women who attended this meeting were encouraged and allowed to actively participate and to feel free, open up and share knowledge and experiences for cross-learning and building our local knowledge as women.

The main objectives of the sensitization meeting for the women affected by oil and Gas were;

To provide an opportunity for the above-selected districts and community development organizations to raise awareness amongst women on their rights.

To increase knowledge on land management and effective land use among the affected women.

To develop an action plan/ agenda for the women association and inform further engagement with other duty bearers at the national level.

To share knowledge on how Women affected by the pipeline can identify and start any viable small scale income-generating activities that can be successful within the Covid 19 pandemic period


Over 30 villages from Hoima and Kikuube districts have been affected by both the refined pipeline and the East African Crude Oil Pipeline and the oil roads construction activities by the government of Uganda. Many households in Hoima District have currently been affected by the pipeline and when it comes to compensation it is the women and children who are not considered to participate in the land acquisition processes which ends up marginalizing them and denying them a right to access compensation money and take part in decision making on oil and Gas develops. This has disabled the women from uplifting their livelihood income.  Currently, at least 27% of women do own land in Uganda and they are leading in using land and making it productive. Women have been losing compensation for their crops during the land acquisition of the refinery, lost land during the Kaiso Tonya road construction, and are losing compensation for crops due to the pipeline construction.

Women’s rights have been violated more especially user rights. This is because when the government of Uganda was compensating the people affected by the pipeline construction, the money was paid to the landowner forgetting that the crops destroyed on that land belonged to the women who have the user rights.

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